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Charging too little?

Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your rental profit. Determine the right price of your property by comparing how much similar properties in your market are rented for.

Charging too much?

The longer your property is vacant, the more profit you’ll lose. Avoid setting your price above the market. Make a demand for your property and attract high quality renters with the right rent.

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How Rent Estimate sets you for long term success

Maximize your rental income

Earn 2x more from your rental while minimizing your vacancy cost. The strategy is to start with the rent price that’s ideal for renters.

Lease your property faster

The better the pricing, the more you can drive interest from high quality renters. Stop losing more money from vacant properties and start earning with the right price.

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Rent out your property fast with Onerent’s 1000 renter applications a month

Get access to about a thousand prospects viewing Onerent homes every month. Your listing gets maximum exposure on over 40 sites, and prospects are assisted from on-demand showings to completing their application–at no extra cost to you.

More prospects choose to rent a Onerent property because they can apply for free. Once they finish their application, they go through our swift and reliable tenant screening so you get quality renters and start earning, fast.

How Onerent is Better?

Traditional Property Managers

 Lists on the market longer, with limited showings and weekend open houses

 Pays owner when rent comes in

 Hire handyman with 15% markup for maintenance requests

 No efficient online income management; no eviction coverage


 Lists on 40+ websites and RE agent networks with on-demand showings any day

 Guarantees payout at beginning of month with automated rent payment

 Uses vetted and insured vendors for maintenance issues with no markup

 Provides owner dashboard that records expenses, charges and income, and up to $15,000 eviction coverage

Do-It-Yourself Owners

 Lists on the market longer, conducts showings based on their convenience

 Does tedious follow-up of rent payment to get paid

 Attends to maintenance issues based on their availability

 No efficient online income management; no eviction coverage

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