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Victor B.

Self-made landlord, Victor, had difficulty finding qualified renters during the slow winter months. He found the leasing and qualification process to be a pain since he had a family and a full-time job outside of real estate. Read more to see how he was initially skeptical of Onerent however ended up enjoying the benefits of the services.


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More Owner stories

San Francisco native, Russell Hamilton, thought all he needed to do was snap a few property photos and put them online. To his surprise, he needed a lot of extra work to get his home rented. Come see how Onerent was able to find a qualified renter in just 2 weeks from Russell.
Middle School math teacher, Mark Cabral never imagined using a property manager until he gave Onerent a try. Take a look at Mark’s story and why he recommends every self manager to talk to Onerent before ever considering renting out their home.

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The Robertssons

International renters, Lisa and Magnus were running out of time to find a home in California. The couple applied for a Onerent home, signed a online lease, and scheduled a move in date all overseas on their Onerent Renter Dashboard.


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Robert A.

Robert, a savvy renter is a recent graduate and Silicon Valley startup engineer. He faced difficulties addressing maintenance issues with an unresponsive landlord and found paying rent in person a pain, that often led to long unpleasant conversations. Read more on how he feels about home and his modern and efficient renting experience with Onerent.

“Onerent’s safety inspection and property walkthrough gives peace of mind to both owners and renters.”

Jun 5, 2018

Anna Kline

Santa Clara County, CA

“Onerent made my life so easy. They did all the legwork and leased out my property quicker, saving me time and money”

May 30, 2018

Oliver A.

San Jose, CA

“First, their rates are very fair – no up-front collection of a month’s rent. Second, they work very hard for you.”

Nov 15, 2015

Sylvie L.

Portland, OR

“Staff were very knowledgeable about the comparable pricing in the area and above all, delivered on their end in the time proposed.”

Oct 2, 2018

Michael I.

Menlo Park, CA

“What matters is they have always done their best to remedy problems in a timely manner, they’ve always been upfront and professional”

Oct 20, 2017

Chris K.

San Diego, CA

“A Great platform with a very effective and seamless process. A win-win for both renters and owners!”

Dec 17, 2017

Raj K

South San Francisco, CA

“I don’t think they ever sleep. Onerent has been the easiest to work with out of all landlords I’ve had.”

Jan 14, 2016

Alexandra G.

Danville, CA

“Onerent’s simple online application & qualification process made my move to the south bay area from the east coast possible, at such a fast pace with ease.”

Feb 21, 2016


Danville, CA

“Scheduling an appointment to check out a property couldn’t be easier and faster, within an hour of looking a property online.”

Feb 27, 2018

David S.

Redmond, WA

“Very easy to fill out the paperwork, get a home fast and make your monthly payment straight through their website”

Feb 27, 2018

Jeff C.

New York, NY

“Our application process, from getting approved to signing the Lease remotely, was seamless and made my move feel less stressful”

Jul 26, 2018

Maggie P.

Fresno, CA

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