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Rent Guarantee

Receive your rent payout by the third business day of each month—guaranteed.

Our qualified renters are backed by guaranteed rent payoffs under our Full-Service Management Package. So you get paid on the dot by the third business day of each month.  That means we pay out your rent income faster than any other manager.

Even if your renter does not pay by then, we still initiate the payout to you via new and secure same-day ACH (most receiving banks process transactions the same day or the day after).

We don’t hold your rent monies like other property managers who typically do it for 10-20 days so they can collect invoices for maintenance work and make deductions. Our management fee and any maintenance fees are deducted from the rent we collect the following month.

We back our qualified renters with our rent guarantee because we stand behind our tenant qualification process. Onerent does not place renters regardless of qualification just to quickly lease your property. Owners can be confident that we select only quality renters.

In the unlikely event of a resident failing to pay rent on due date, and continues not to pay despite the 3-day notice to pay or quit (at which time the eviction process starts), the rent guarantee will cover only the first month with unpaid rent.

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