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Property Walkthrough

Lease faster by ensuring your property is rent-ready with our property walkthrough.

Our goal is to help your property get rented as quickly as possible, as well as provide the renter with a great rental experience. After you receive the first call from our Sales Team, one of our local Field Operations Specialists (FOS) will meet with you to formally introduce Onerent and conduct a documented walkthrough to inspect your property.

The property walkthrough will evaluate if your rental home is up to code and measures up to habitability requirements. Our FOS will identify features that might need fixing or improving to make your property rent-ready, and any maintenance, emergency or habitability issues that must be sorted out prior to leasing your property.

As the FOS specializes only in property walkthrough, any questions or concerns before or after the walkthrough should be addressed to our Sales Team.

Prior to the walkthrough, it’s best to have your property cleaned and the clutter removed to show off its best attributes. The walkthrough covers a basic habitability check addressing specific items in the home that may impact habitability as defined by state or federal law. Walkthrough checklists for both service packages are found in the Owner’s Handbook.

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