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Annual Inspection

Keep an eye on your property’s condition with our thorough health and safety inspection.

A rental inspection protects your property from undetected maintenance issues that can cause you a lot of stress and cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. We protect you from this unnecessary risk with our documented annual inspection that is included in our full-service management product.

We conduct a full health and safety inspection of your property, ensuring it’s in good condition and up to habitability standards. It includes a comprehensive photo-documented report which will allow us to catch maintenance issues early on, making it more cost-effective to address. It also ensures that when a vacancy comes up, you have a quick turnover process with minimal maintenance required.

If you hand off your rental home to a traditional property manager, you’ll rarely know the condition of your property during the lease term. This puts your investment at unnecessary risk since property condition and any maintenance required may affect your net rental income.

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