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The Benefits of Making Your Home A Smart Home

by | | Oct 4, 2018 | 10 min read |

Some homeowners are on the cutting edge of technology and like to outfit their homes with the latest gadgets as soon as they hit the market, while others like to wait. Maybe it’s the cost, or maybe you think it is a large learning curve. Whatever the reason, if you haven’t embraced smart gadgets to make your home smarter, we’re here to give you some reasons why you should.

Turning on your air conditioner with your smartphone and being able to check in on your pet via smartphone are just a few of things that you can do with an automated home. You are going to love all of the benefits it gives you daily. Personally, one of my favorites uses is to turn the coffee maker on just before I wake up in the morning.

Don’t worry about the cost. Smart home technology is becoming more affordable and easier to use than ever before. As these products enter more homes, the prices have come down quite a bit. So at this point, don’t let the price stop you. There are affordable solutions for every need.

Peace Of Mind Knowing That Your Home Is Protected

A smart home compared to a normal home is like the difference between a medieval knight wearing just a loin cloth and one that is fully armored and protected. Think about it. Smoke detectors that are equipped with Wi-Fi that can alert you even if you aren’t home, smart plugs that can turn appliances on or off no matter where you are, video doorbells that show a log of who called on your house, and much more.

These devices are always connected and always ready to notify you if something is wrong. Water leaks no longer have to destroy large portions of your home for example, since a leak detector will notify you the instant a problem occurs. Your house is armored and ready! It is even more armored if you install a home security system to compliment these smart devices.

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Protecting Those Who Matter Most To You

Keeping your home safe is just one part of the equation. You need to keep your family safe as well, otherwise, what’s the point? And products like smart locks, video monitoring, and motion detection will help to do just that. You can find out more at Gadgetreview.com.

Whether you have children that come home from school while you are at work or an elderly relative who lives with you, they are safer when you are able to keep track of them. Seniors with limited faculties can wander off and get themselves into dangerous situations, but the odds of that happening go down drastically when they can be monitored. You can remotely check on your pets too. You can interact with your cat or dog by video while you are away and make sure they are behaving.

The Benefit of Saving Money

Smart home products can save you money. A lot of money. They are great for your wallet and great for the environment. A normal air conditioner will run all day if you are not home, but an air conditioner plugged into a smart outlet can be scheduled to start running an hour before you get home. A smart thermostat will save you big in much the same way and adapts to your needs: Just a smart thermostat can save a home 10 to 30 percent on its energy bills!


Increase The Value Of Your Home and Save On Insurance

Smart homes are in demand and since they are much safer this adds value to your home if you ever want to resell it. Buyers obviously prefer a more secure home to a not so secure home, and reports show that up to 80 percent of buyers are more likely to buy a smart home if it comes with automated tech. You and I would feel the same way.


Aside from that, some insurance companies like Geico even offer discounts because these homes are so much more secure. So that is another way that home automation saves you money. Aside from that, some utility companies also offer discounts when you have these gadgets. Your energy provider might actually offer a $250 Nest Learning Thermostat for $150. In the recent years, utility and insurance companies have been offering rebates to their customer who installs and uses smart home devices. The financial benefits are for the taking, many customers just do not take them.

Resting Easy

A smart home gives you peace of mind and you can’t really put a price on that. It’s a good feeling and you deserve it. There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing that your family and your home is safe. Alarm.com reported that 82 percent of homeowners want a security system that can signal for help, and 78 percent want an app that sends them alerts when something is wrong so they can get help. As you can see, there’s really no good reason not to outfit your home with these devices and reap all of the benefits. You’ll be happy that you did.

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