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How Onerent Uses 3D Imaging Technology for a Contactless Rental Experience

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Onerent has used Matterport’s 3D platform for 1,300+ residential rental properties in over 700 cities since Fall 2018. With the deep integration of Matterport’s technology, we decreased vacancy costs for owners, streamlined maintenance and repairs, and enhanced our contactless rental experience for homeowners and renters.

“Virtual tours are only one of the great benefits you get from the Matterport 3D platform. At Onerent, we’re using the technology throughout the entire rental process for tours, troubleshooting maintenance, and conducting move-out inspections,” says Nick Taylor, Senior Vice President of Operations at Onerent.

Matterport Helps Power Onerent’s Contactless Rental Service

ACE-artificial-intelligence-rental chatbot

As soon as a renter begins their journey on Onerent, Renters can chat with ACE, our virtual rental assistant, and complete a 3D walkthrough for any Onerent-managed home. Virtual Tours with ACE allows for safe house hunting and management, critical in these times when people are encouraged to stay home due to travel restrictions. It also gives international and out-of-state renters who might not be able to view a home in person the ability to find their future home digitally.

Our contactless rentals are equipped with 3D virtual tours to help owners and renters rent a home safely and without human contact. “Contactless Rentals is a full-stack rental experience that goes beyond just listings and applications. It’s a concierge service for homeowners and renters that’s only made possible because our team visits, inspects, and conducts a 3D scan of every home on the platform,” says Chuck Hattemer, CMO at Onerent

Here is why and how we chose to integrate Matterport into our contactless rentals.

How 3D Property Imaging Helps Renters

Matterport’s 3D platform allows Onerent to scan a new rental property and turn it into a 3D digital twin. We extract high-quality listing photos and convert the scans into detailed floor plans. The images, floorplans, and 3D virtual tours allow renters to view properties online at their own convenience. 

Immersive virtual tours allow renters to visit a large volume of properties in a short span of time. Renters can take their time walking around the home at their own leisure or with a spouse or roommate.

Compared to Self Tours and Guided Tours, 3D virtual tours from Matterport are available to all renters 24/7, regardless of location and schedule. “Matterport’s platform is the defacto standard for 3D imaging,” says Chuck. “The sooner renters take a tour of a property, the faster they can find a new home with Onerent.”

During the tenancy, our virtual rental assistant, ACE, provides a link to smart Mattertags embedded on our 3D property images to help renters troubleshoot maintenance issues. They can also submit maintenance issues through ACE during the tenancy.

Stacy, a renter from California, shared her experience with Onerent’s Contactless Rentals by saying, “working with Onerent makes the process of looking for a place easy. They are very responsive through text and email and calls. I have had less desirable experiences with people I see in person. I have not seen one individual – everything was done virtually via my phone. From viewing the 3D virtual tour, booking the Self Tour, to signing the lease. Right now, in our new COVID world we live in. This process is most fitting.”

How 3D Property Imaging Helps Homeowners

Rental property homeowners can use 3D imaging to increase traction on their property. Forty-eight percent of prospects are aged 18 to 34—composed of Millennial and Gen Z renters. Millennials prefer a digital experience when renting. Homeowners who are looking to maximize property exposure have found Virtual Tours as the solution.

Virtual tours make rental properties more competitive in their neighborhood. Renters often search online for a home as they do not live in the same city as their desired property. Matterport 3D tours make the rental property unique, which results in more inquiries and lower vacancy for the homeowner.

virtual tour of rental property

Onerent’s operations team also uses 3D models to aid in the inspection process of a home and the digital twin is accessible by the owner. Using the 3D imaging technology allows us to capture a more detailed move-in inspection which is critical at the end of a tenancy during move out. When a tenant moves out, we can compare the move-out condition to the original move-in condition using Matterport’s 3D platform. This provides a transparent and reliable move-out inspection for property turnover and fewer surprise fees for homeowners.

How to Get Started With 3D Property Imaging

Onerent provides complimentary 3D property scans as part of our management services for rental property owners. Our AI rental assistant integrates with virtual tours to find, qualify, and manage your tenants. If you’d like to learn more about how we integrate 3D imaging into the property management lifecycle, you can check out Onerent’s property management services and schedule a non-committal call with our market specialists.

If you wish to create a virtual tour yourself, Matterport has an array of consumer and professional tiered cameras. These cameras are compatible with their cloud-based software. You can find the right camera depending on the quality and price point that fits your needs.

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