We all want our home to feel like a space we can make our own. This sometimes ends in paying an outrageous amount of money for renovation projects that we all think will increase ROI.

After placing the home on the market and crunching the numbers, these renovation projects actually decrease the value of the home. Take a look at these four renovation projects we strongly recommend you avoid.

Converting a bedroom into a walk-in closet

When prospects look for a home to rent or purchase, they evaluate necessities such as the square footage, bedroom and bathroom count, and parking accommodations. Of course closet space is just as important, however for the average prospect, bedrooms triumphs in importance.

In luxury real estate, the story might be different. A luxury homebuyer may have requirements such as a walk-in closet. For the average consumer, a walk-in closet is an additional feature that can be waived by.


Renovating Bathrooms

We all know a bathroom remodel can give your home the edge over comparables in the area. If a bathroom renovation isn’t performed just right, it can backfire on you.

Renovating a half bathroom has a negative ROI of 82.47% in Dallas, Texas. Renovating a full bathroom has a negative ROI of 9.71%

Renovating a half bathroom has a negative ROI of 37.79% in San Francisco, California. Renovating a full bathroom has a positive ROI of 9.50%.

Renovating a half bathroom has a negative ROI of 33.01% in New York City, New York. Renovating a full bathroom has a negative ROI of 5.29%

Renovating a half bathroom has a negative ROI of 25.29% in Los Angeles, California. Renovating a full bathroom has a negative ROI of 96.91%

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With these statistics provide by MyKukun.com, we can see that the return on investment in bathroom renovations are lower than expected.

If you are deciding to give your bathroom a makeover, we recommend going with a safe and consistent bathroom renovation that will appeal to the majority of prospects.

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Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are always the feature everyone wants in the beginning of the day but hate having in the end of the night.

Swimming pools are heavy investments to add and also costly to maintain. The average cost of a residential in-ground swimming pool is $39,084. After purchasing yearly warranties, hiring a pool cleaner, installing and replacing filters, and the whole nine yards, the monthly cost can run you another $200-$350 a month.

“Unless you live in Florida, and possibly even there, only a small segment of the population wants a swimming pool,”

William Hirsch
Architect and Author of “Designing Your Perfect House.

The truth is that, the overwhelming majority of homeowners do not want to maintain a pool in the backyard.


Your custom “weekend” projects

Custom projects are nice to have in your home however is a hard sell once your property is on the market. Examples of custom projects are wine cellars, sun houses, built in beer taps, and maybe even gun closets.

For example, adding a sun house in San Francisco has a negative ROI of 88.86%. In New York City, it has a negative ROI of 179.02%. This is because even though you might like the additional feature, the new homebuyer or renter might not.


If you’ve found this helpful, check out a detailed guide on the home renovations that can hurt, and help, the market value of your property.

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