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As the largest single-family rental manager on the West Coast, Onerent is committed to making your investment thrive, even during difficult times such as the ongoing coronavirus crisis. We remain adaptable and resilient in current realities, banking on the power of our innovative technology and professional teams to help you make a seamless switch to long-term renting.

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Property must be located in one of Onerent’s currently active cities in the SF Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, Denver, or Seattle Area.

You must be the legal owner of the property you plan to have us manage

Property must pass an on-site habitability inspection done by Onerent’s Home Service team

Sign up for our Onerent 360 service by 5/28/2020

Property should have been recently leased either with a short-term rental company, such as Airbnb or with a renter who has stayed less than 3 months

You must show proof of loss income due to COVID-19 (e.g. forced cancellations or refunds)

Offer applies to qualified property types (excludes shared bathroom rentals, in-law units, shed)

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We’ll help your investment thrive in any circumstances

Sustain a steady stream of income, even without guests. Onerent helps you get back on track with a more secure rental income.

We’ll hustle for you, so you get more personal time

Focus on what matters most in times like these, while we take care of your rental home like it’s our own.

What we’re doing today

We’ve taken timely initiatives and levelled up our services to help our community of homeowners and renters get through these difficult times.

Coronavirus recovery center

We put all resources on one page so you can get updates on how you can move forward with informed decisions. Learn More

Contactless Rentals

We combined a series of useful tools to help you rent a home safely and remotely without human contact necessary. Learn More

Scamlord.AI is a web app that helps detect rental scams by fake landlords. Learn More

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