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Track your rental income anytime, anywhere

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Track and optimize your rent income with real-time updates.

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Stay on top of your investment and maximize your cash flow

100% transparent transactions
Experience full transparency through our Owner Dashboard. We give you a live ledger with all expenses, charges, and income associated with your rental property. You get immediate access to all accounting details of your portfolio as we add in charges and invoices as soon as we receive them.
Optimize your cash flow
Easily access data on your Owner Dashboard to see how much you profit each year. Track your cash flow using real data so you can strategize accordingly and calculate Return On Investment. Onerent helps you become a savvy investor whether this is your first rental property or part of your ever-growing portfolio.
Live Ledger of all expenses, income, and fees
Forecast expenses

Invest wisely using our updated reports

Forecast expenses
Predict operating costs for your property over the lease term so you know what you can do to avoid unnecessary recurring expenses and potentially save some money.
Make tax season less stressful
Stop stressing when doing taxes. To help you with tax season, we provide a 1099 form every year along with a master report for all expenses and income from your rentals over the past year.

Track and optimize your rent income with real-time updates

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97% of our homeowners continue to enjoy our Property Management Services.
Here’s why they love it

Best monies I have spent in a long time

They closed on the original estimated week to get the unit rented and got me a great tenant. With them doing the listings and showings, I was able to utilize my time by working and enjoying my weekend instead of wasting my time during the weekends to show the unit. They did everything as promised


Pasadena, CA

Honestly the best company for finding tenants

I would highly recommend this place to landlords. They provided me with many updates. In a matter of a few weeks, they found me a tenant. They’re very professional in handling the rental business.


Los Angeles, CA

Best Property Management In SF Bay Area

Onerent is the best Property Management that owners can dream of. We are highly satisfied homeowners after renting our property in Dublin with them. They always deposited rent on time every month. From the beginning till the end, all transactions were transparent. We highly recommended them!


Dublin, CA

They’re so good that I don’t have to worry about anything

Onerent is very professional, they know their business and they’re very responsive.


Mountain View, CA

The rental process is easy and organized

I have been with since 2015 and they’re a great company to work with. They charge very reasonable fees. The maintenance process is very painless and the communication is always smooth.


Livermore, CA

Amazing services and very reliable!

Onerent has been managing my properties in the East Bay for the last few years, and they have performed at an amazing standard. They have been a big help in finding me reliable tenants and performing exceptional, timely maintenance service.


San Francisco, CA

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