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Guaranteed leasing with no upfront costs

No fuss, no stress, and no strings attached! Your vacancy is filled faster with Onerent’s marketing channels and large renter network. Your listing goes on 40+ websites and in social media advertising campaigns. We cover all the costs. You never pay until we’ve found a qualified tenant that you approve and sign. Simply put--no tenant, no pay!

Improved property management

Say goodbye to shady property managers! Onerent turns your property into a truly passive real estate investment. It starts with a blend of technology and human touch that keeps you in the loop on everything we’re doing to manage your rental. We also pride ourselves on providing owners affordable property management fees with no hidden markups or long contracts.

Round-the-clock customer support

Get more time for yourself and your loved ones. No more calls from tenants during ungodly hours or during special occasions. Simply access our maintenance team and 24/7 customer support to handle maintenance issues and other tenant concerns. Rest assured that your investment is properly managed and well maintained with our full-service property management.

Fastest growing property management in Palos Verdes Peninsula

Onerent has grown from zero to 7,000 properties and over 2,000 homeowners in cities across California and Washington since our launch four years ago. We’re the fastest, organically grown, propertymanagement company on the West Coast. We don’t just buy other property management companies and roll them up, nor do we have a franchise model because we believe these traditional models fragment the customer experience. No property owner should pay unnecessary property management fees to cover the costs of fancy local real estate offices.
Instead, we operate with one central office and empower hundreds of local experts across our markets, including in Palos Verdes Peninsula. We provide our local teams with access to a powerful system and a supporting team to deliver an excellent service.

We handle all types of residential properties for rent

Whether your investment is a single family home, apartment, condo, or a multifamily residential building, we’re fully-equipped to handle it. Our team of experts and local workforce has successfully leased and managed more than 7,000 properties in over 100 cities and still we’re expanding. With Onerent, your investment is in good hands!

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Responsive and timely

Onerent's leasing service is 100% performance based. Onerent took care of all showings and processing, and didn't require payment until a lease was signed and tenant placed. The team at Onerent was responsive in providing updates throughout the process. Upon approving a tenant, the team quickly generated all the paperwork and collected the deposit/first month's rent in a timely manner.


San Francisco, CA

This is a great company!

This is a great company! Made the process easy and painless, especially when you’re very busy and don't have much time for anything else. They helped me to rent and manage my properties.


Santa Jose, CA

Onerent is impressive

A very effective and seamless process! Impressive. Rented my condo out with Onerent in a matter of 2 weeks.


South San Francisco, CA

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