Our Team

Meet the team that brings the vision to life

Why Work at Onerent?

We Love What We Do

What Guides US

Our Values

  • UnifyMake your largest contribution towards the efforts of a larger team and an even larger vision. Bring together those stray apart. Stay focused on the human parts of work and life.
  • CultivateProgress begins with people working together in an environment conducive to change. Create a team environment & sustain relationships that give you energy partnership and growth.
  • UnderstandWhen faced with a challenge or uncertain decision strive to understand all people and factors involved before proceeding. Listen to more than you can hear and act swiftly.
  • BecomeRise to the occasion when called upon, embrace the unknown with humility and fortitude. Emerge greater than what you were before.
  • InfluenceDiscover your unique ability to create an impact. Encourage others to speak and to realize a vision

Our Fearless Leaders

The Co-founders

Greg Toschi
Co-Founder & CEO
Rico Mok
Co-Founder & COO
Chuck Hattemer
Co-Founder & CMO

We Make it Happen

The Team

Manicka Babu
Fred Glick
VP of Real Estate Operations
Lilly Wilhelms
VP of Operations
Dylan Trujillo
Director of Operations
Justin Reginato
Director of Operations
Shake Tuason
Director Of Branch Operations
Michael Brew
Principal Engineer
Sam Holeman
Lead Backend Engineer
Pankaj Sharma
Senior Software Engineer
Roger Keller
Senior Software Engineer
Shruti Pavagadhi
Software Engineer
Mercedes Martinez
Portfolio Operations Manager
Nick Taylor
Director Of Maintenance Operations
Ray Wei
Marketing Coordinator
Kevin Krautscheid
Senior Accountant
John Piela
Field Ops Specialist
Bobby Papadakis
Field Ops Specialist
Ishaan Misra
Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
Wil Nieves
Customer Success Specialist
Andrew Marqueza
Field Operations Specialist