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The Season of Giving Back For Onerent Renters

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For the month of December, Onerent gave out special gifts to our residents who followed Onerent on Instagram and shared a picture of their home during the holidays.


This year, we included a special Onerent bottle opener, water bottle, chocolates, and a short note from our CMO, Chuck Hattemer, in our packages. And, if you posted a picture with a dog, we included some treats for them too.

onerent renter free gift christmas

For Thanksgiving, Onerent assembled care packages for the local homless shelter in San Jose, CA to take a stance on the rising trend of homeless in the San Francisco Bay Area.

onerent christmas tree


If you’ve missed out on our gifts this year, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, @Onerent, for the next round, and to stay up to date on everything that’s happening in the real estate world. From the whole team at Onerent, we hope you had a safe and happy holiday season!


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