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How Much Could $1,600/Month Get You For A Rental Near Seattle, WA?

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Seattle is definitely its own section of the world; boasting beautiful mountains to climb, Starbucks at every corner, amazing summers, and ridiculous amounts of rain. This west coast seaport city is one of the fastest growing in all of the United States.

We looked at two most recent rental listings in the Greater Seattle area and based on a Rentometer rent comp search seemed very reasonable for rent prices!

This post was written by our partners at Rentometer, whom uses advanced tech and data management tools to provide rent comparisons anywhere in the U.S.


seattle 2 bedroom rental


2 Bedroom Apartment Near Glen Acres

Rentometer rent comp search of this address shows an average rent price of $1,359/Mo based on 25 2-bedroom rentals in a 1.31 mile radius. We learned that a two-bedroom could be rented in this Seattle neighborhood for approximately $900 to $1,900 a month. The rent with the lowest price is $950 for a small 2-bedroom w/1 bath, 1250 sq. ft. apartment on 14th Avenue South, while the highest comes in at $1,875 for a 2-bedroom apartment rental near Glen Acres Drive S. in Burien, WA.

Price: $1,325/Mo
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 1 1/2
Sq/Ft: 900 Sq. Ft
Property Type: Apartment

To learn more about this listing click here.
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seattle 2 bedroom rental property

Cozy Apartment A Block Away From Shops and Restaurants

Rentometer rent comp search of this address shows an average rent price of $1,519/Mo based on 24 2-bedroom rentals in a 0.42 mile radius. For this area, the apartment with the lowest rent is a small 2-bedroom condo for $1,300/Mo. The highest rent is a 2-bedroom 850 Sq. Ft apartment unit for $1,860/Mo.

Price: $1,600
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2
Sq/Ft: 930 Sq. Ft
Property Type: Condo

To learn more about this Kirkland, WA listing click here
(view rent comp report)

For more information about these listings, and others in the Seattle market visit here.


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