Onerent is a full-stack, tech-enabled leasing and property management service for residential rental property. Take another look at the emergence of Onerent’s mission, vision, and brand.

A refresher on Onerent’s story

We started Onerent after a terrible experience as renters in which we lost our housing at the last minute after we had already signed a lease and finalized a deal.

We put together $8,000 to launch Onerent’s business and started building tools to standardize the leasing process for property managers and independent property owners, thus also helping renters. In under 6 months, we processed over $1M in rent and captured 90% of the market of student-housing off-campus at Santa Clara University–where we were students at the time and the launching pad for OnerentIndependent property owners wanted more.

Property managers, on the other hand, were slow to adopt the technology and unwilling to spend money on our service.

It became obvious that the real opportunity for change was not by selling software to an existing industry, but rather it was redefining great property management altogether for owners and renters directly.

Our mission morphed into what it is today: to build the first simple and complete rental experience that everyone can trust.

The keyword is complete.

Onerent is not and never will be just a technology platform or tool. We are full-service so that property owners don’t have to be full-service. We have real people on the ground doing property inspections, showings, move-ins, maintenance, and notices.

Onerent sets your rental up for success with proactive and transparent property management services:

  • Accurate and free rent estimate
  • Documented property walkthrough
  • High-quality listing photos and advertising on 40+ sites
  • On-demand 3D and Virtual Tours
  • Thorough tenant screening
  • Efficient move-in and move out inspections
  • Secured automated rent collection
  • Up-to-date expense and income tracking
  • 24/7 customer support for rental maintenance requests
  • Annual inspection of the property
  • Eviction coverage of up to $15K
  • Home warranty
  • $3000 Annual Maintenance Credit
  • Up to $1,000 Capital Improvement Credit per year

Up NextJune 2017 Onerent Product Updates: List a property, get a rent estimate, set a pricing strategy, and new resident services

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It is crucial for the industry and for our customers to understand this concept. In order to create tangible change in the rental experience, we must provide a comprehensive service throughout the entire lifecycle of a rental property.

What sets Onerent apart from the 200,000 traditional property managers is the technology we’ve built to expose all the data on how your properties are performing and–for renters–a seamless rental search, move-in, and living experience.

We’ve also designed robust internal processes and technology to connect many specialized teams rather than relying on a single point of contact as is the traditional model.

In fact, Onerent is the biggest property manager in the West Coast.

  • 500+ cities served
  • 18,000+ properties serviced
  • 60,000+ renters served
  • 97% of owners stay year-to-year
  • 87% of renters extend their lease

68% of Onerent property owners are either renting for the first time or never wanted to hand things off to a manager only to have their property go down a black hole. Information is traditionally silo-ed in property management because of how much work it takes just to communicate the property’s progress manually for many clients simultaneously.

Property owners who were left in the dark about their rental don’t have to be anymore. We think that as long as new renters come to Onerent, we’re successfully setting a new standard for property management.

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