Upgrade Your Property to a Smart Rental


Offer a unique, full-service experience to incoming residents

For select properties and owners, Onerent offers a complimentary Smart Rental package included in all of our products. As part of the Smart Rental program, owners can install a smart lock on their vacant property to allow for autonomous showings--a model in which a prospective renter can schedule a showing for legitimately any day or time and after some light pre-qualification, we’ll grant them temporary access to the vacant rental through the smart lock installed on the main door. The lock is installed without any modifications on your property and comes at no additional cost.

Beyond our autonomous showings, Onerent also equips new residents with Resident Services, a collection of partnerships we’ve established to allow them to set up renter’s insurance, a moving service, internet or cable packages, and other useful services. By including this in your property’s listing, you create a unique and standalone serviced living experience that differentiates your property from other rentals on the market.

Turn your property into a Smart Rental today.

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What else can we do for your rental?

  • Eviction Coverage

    Get $15k included coverage to cover any legal fees for an eviction.

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  • Local Laws

    Our team is well-versed in your local market’s rental laws and regulations.

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  • Onboarding & Certification

    Have a face-to-face meeting with us and get your rental certified.

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