Guaranteed Timely Rent Disbursements


We’ll payout your rent income faster than any other manager

Property managers typically hold your rent monies for 10-20 days so they can collect invoices for maintenance work and make the deductions. For any Onerent-qualified tenants, we guarantee you will receive your rent disbursement into your account by the third business day of each month. Even if your renter does not pay by then, we will still initiate the payout so that you’re receiving it by the third business day.

Each month, we will collect rent from the tenants deduct our management fee and any maintenance fees from the previous month that we covered, then we will pay out the owed amount to you via new and secure same-day ACH. Most receiving banks will process the transaction on the same day or the day after.

We offer this guarantee as a way to remove the often negative incentive property managers have to place a tenant quickly regardless of qualifications. We stand behind our tenants and our qualification process, therefore we want our owners to be confident that we are held accountable to selecting quality tenants.

Our rent guarantee is only included in our Full-service management product.

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