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Get a Documented Walkthrough and Certify Your Property’s Quality

Our goal is to help your property get rented as quickly as possible as well as provide the renter with a great rental experience. That’s why every property signed up with Onerent receives a face-to-face meeting and walkthrough with you and our local Field Operations Specialist. We’ll do a brief inspection of the home and introduce ourselves so you know what to expect going forward.

The purpose of the onboarding inspection is to confirm your property is ready for showings and rentable. We’ll be able to asses that your property is up to code and meets habitability requirements. If your property meets our criteria, your listing will earn a Onerent Certified status meaning we vouch for the quality of the home to prospective renters and set better expectations!

Note: If you property is currently occupied, we will not need to do an inspection until it is vacant and can take over management in the meantime.

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What else can we do for your rental?

  • Local Laws

    Our team is well-versed in your local market’s rental laws and regulations.

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  • Photos & 360 Virtual Tour

    Professionally edited photos and a 360 walkthrough to enrich your listing.

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  • Listing & Marketing

    List your property across 40+ sites and to local companies or relocation agents.

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